Workshop postponed

What could you expect from a person whose daily life is all but annoying  free from hitches? At the least that she opens her agenda under your eyes and that agenda, in a sudden air blast that seems unvoluntary, it leafs through itself confusing pages… Read More

tender sprout in my hand

Registration to workshops now open

To keep a young sprout in your hands. It’s not so different from prepping a workshop. The seed has already given its greatest effort, it already surrendered to its fate and pierced the soil to push itself to light, searching for tools necessary to fulfill… Read More

Spring.Summer Workshops

Spring.Summer Workshops

Can I invite you to my Spring.Summer ecodyeing workshops? 16-18 May Marks of Nature on Paper 20-22 June Whispers of Summer on Clothes Residential workshops in natural dyeing on paper and clothes with botanical printing techniques. Hosted by Country House La Ragola, Ostra.  English speaking… Read More

light in the winter

Light in the winter

Recently I’ve been loudly scolded by a dearest friend of mine, skilled and talented artist. For too long it seems that I regularly forgot to publish pictures of my art works when they’re finally completed. I disperse a little taste here, another one there, but… Read More

Portraying me, what a trouble!

Let someone portrait me has always been a terrific trouble to me. I clearly remember the last photo I posed for gladly, I was five and my daddy pictured me in black and white, lying on a scented wheat field. Deep black hair, two long braids… Read More