Spring.Summer Workshops
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Spring.Summer Workshops

Can I invite you to my Spring.Summer ecodyeing workshops?

16-18 May Marks of Nature on Paper

20-22 June Whispers of Summer on Clothes

Residential workshops in natural dyeing on paper and clothes with botanical printing techniques. Hosted by Country House La Ragola, Ostra.  English speaking  students are much welcome.  Detailed info and enrolment at: sheilarocchegiani@gmail.com

Posso invitarvi ai miei laboratori di primavera.estate?

16-18 Maggio Orme di Natura su Carta

20-22 Giugno Sussurri d’Estate su Stoffa

Laboratori residenziali di tintura naturale della carta e del tessuto con tecniche di stampa botanica. Ospitati dalla Country House La Ragola di Ostra. Per informazioni dettagliate ed iscrizioni: sheilarocchegiani@gmail.com



  1. schonigl@aol.com

    Hi, I want to be the first on the list! Joke!!!!! Could you please tell me how and how much to pay. Nice sunday looking forward Best and warmest regards Lidija


    • Hi Lidija, you’re the first on the list, no doubt! Going to write about everything you need to know, both in a new blog post and via private email. Cheers!


  2. Good for Lidija who is first! And for all the lucky others. I can’t come this time, but hope that perhaps you will offer workshops again, perhaps October/November! (hint, hint) …


    • Lidija is waiting for a workshop since last November! A great demonstration to me, I’m grateful! And, about new dates in Autumn, you know, I was thinking about it just today during my walk out… maybe in early October, but hope for a very interesting project to materialize in that period, plus our trip to Betty… let’s see what happens!


  3. martina

    Amica….eccomiiiiiii! …sarò la seconda!!!!Già prenotato le ferie per il 20 ed il 21 di Giugno…non vedo l’ora di essere li e di rivederti….mi sto ancora gongolando dal workshop di novembre…aspettando nuove fioriture… immagino quel paesaggio meraviglioso in estate…deve essere esaltante….
    A presto…..con tantissimo affetto!
    P.S. … aspetto i dettagli, istruzioni, pensieri….


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