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Yellow Green and Bluish Ink on the Suitcase_Giallo Verde e Inchiostro Blu sulla Valigia

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Sono stata in viaggio. E la casa è rimasta apparentemente vuota, nel silenzio dei miei passi nudi sulla terra melmosa, fuori. Una valigia di pelle, originale del primissimo inizio degli anni settanta, dono di nozze dei miei, lei l’ho portata con me. Pesava di niente. E di tutto, intrisa com’era di eredità. E’ stata la valigia dei tesori grazie ai quali mettersi in viaggio. La valigia dei lembi da cui farsi contenere nei momenti di supposto smarrimento. Dei pendii da cui sporgersi per cercare un oltre, panorami diversi o forse no, sempre quelli, ma che nuova che è questa prospettiva ora! La valigia si scopre mentre la cerniera saltella sui denti, c’è spazio per nuovi tesori. Non ho da pensarci su, inizio a riempire…

I’ve been on a journey. And home has been left seemingly empty, in the silence of my bare steps on the muddy soil, out. A leather suitcase, original from the very first beginning of the ’70, my parents’ wedding present, it I brought with me. It weighed of nothing. And everything, steeped in inheritance as it was. It has been the suitcase of treasures thanks to which setting out on a journey. The suitcase of edges by which let myself being contained in moments of supposed disorientation. Of slopes from which to lean over looking for a further, different landscapes or maybe not, always those ones, yet how new this view is! The suitcase reveals itself while the zip skips on the teeth, there’s room for new treasures. I’ve not to think of, I begin to fill…



    • Always have just you in mind when I write in English, dear Ginny, fancying to ask for advice and talk together about languages. How nice it was to meet you!


  1. Glenys

    Sheila, your work is stunning … you words profound! What an absolute delight to have made a friend on facebook such as you… your words have touched my soul and I thank you!


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